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Fertile plains, majestic mountain ranges and valleys blooming with sunflowers meet the confluence of tributaries merging into the Indus River Basin in the Punjab region of Pakistan. "Punjab" literally translated means five waters or five rivers. The wide and varied topography of the country is breathtaking. As a child, Zeenat Sheikh was captivated by the calming vistas of blue skies blanketing tranquil blue waters, and the mystical terrain of her homeland. She marveled as the countryside staged a panoply of shifting colors magnified in intensity during every sunrise and sunset. Indelibly etched into her mind and heart, her childhood memories serve as the embodiment of her custom-crafted skincare and cosmetic line, LZUR. Calming. Hydrating. Replenishing. Zeenat obtained a business degree and her medical esthetics license after earning her Cosmetology license, along with certifications in many different areas of the beauty industry. Zeenat has 15 years of experience in the beauty industry working under the Umbrella of Shesido and Admis group, as well as managing her own medical spa


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